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Products For Urticaria

Sarah knows just how upsetting and uncomfortable Urticaria can be; Pai was born in her search for something that would help to get her unpredictable skin back under control!

Each and every Pai product has been carefully formulated without the irritating synthetic ingredients and drying alcohols that can trigger Urticaria. We use a blend of natural plant extracts with proven therapeutic benefits to help soothe itching and hydrate even the most reactive skin types.

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What is Urticaria?

Also known as Nettle Rash or Hives, Urticaria is a itchy skin rash that causes raised, bumpy weals.

There's no known cause or cure, although it's sometimes triggered by heat or food allergies, making it a frustrating condition to control - and it often falls in the shadow of better known sensitive skin conditions.

How can Pai help?

All Pai products are free from the irritants and synthetic ingredients that can contribute to Urticaria flare-ups, such as Phenoxyethanol and artificial fragrances.

Alongside managing nutrition and stress, our soothing plant extracts can help to calm hot, itchy skin.

Our dedicated Customer Experience team can provide advice on identifying your triggers and managing the symptoms of Urticaria.

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