Pai Bonne Nuit night cream launches

Bonne Nuit: Meet our first night cream

Night creams have historically been incredibly hydrating moisturizers. Which, don’t get us wrong, are lovely. But with all the tech, talent and incredible organic ingredients at our disposal – we felt like a Pai night cream could do a lot more. 

Enter Bonne Nuit BioPeptide Renewal Night Cream. And if that sounds science-y, it’s because it is. This overnight cream tackles premature aging in multiple ways. And we’ve done the clinical trials to prove it. But more on that later – first, let us tell you about the formula. 

What makes our night cream different? 

Essentially, it doesn’t just work on your skin while you sleep. It works on making your actual sleep better too. So when you look well rested, it's because you really are well rested. 

Our Founder Sarah explains, “When we’re stressed, we miss out on the most important thing of all: a good night’s sleep, which is critical for our skin to repair and regenerate. 

“Inflammation, stress and poor sleep are the biggest culprits of premature aging – or ‘inflammaging’ – as they break down collagen and elastin and weaken our skin’s barrier.

"This cushioning cream is your defense, giving both you and your skin a chance to fully rest and rejuvenate.”

 Woman applying Pai night cream

Trialled, tested, and clinically proven 

We like to think of our night cream as a good night’s sleep bottled. But it only matters that our customers think the same thing. So a lot of testing had to happen first to get the formula just right. 

First, we did clinical trials that measured fine lines in the skin over time. Bonne Nuit was clinically proven to reduce the depth – and the appearance – of fine lines in four weeks*. It was also clinically proven to lock moisture in overnight, increasing hydration by up to 32% as you sleep**.

Then we did consumer trials – which means 119 women with sensitive skin put the night cream through its paces for four weeks. And it delivered on the skin benefits our customers were most concerned about:

  • 82% said their skin felt instantly hydrated 
  • 84% said their skin looked smoother after four weeks
  • 80% said their skin felt more plump after four weeks

How it works

First, there are potent antioxidants inside whose job it is to protect the skin from free radical (read: aging) damage. Then collagen-boosting peptides help smooth out fine lines.

And last but not even slightly least, sleep-enhancing actives protect against blue light – a disruptor of melatonin – to help regulate your body clock and improve sleep quality. Because we know when you’re sleeping well, your skin, body and mind have the best possible opportunity to repair, recover and rebuild. 

 Texture close-up of Pai night cream

The ingredients powering Bonne Nuit’s performance

Our chemists pride themselves on creating formulas that marry powerful all-natural active ingredients with plant extracts that also make you feel something – be it uplifted, energized or just enjoyment of their natural fragrances.

Bonne Nuit’s formula is no different. But this time, the sensorial experience goes one step further – becoming a wellness-supporting one. Here’s how they did it… 


All-natural peptides are hard to come across – but our chemists were excited to find this yeast-derived, COSMOS-approved Hexapeptide, which essentially tells the skin to stimulate its natural production of collagen. More collagen means fine lines appear reduced, and skin looks more plump and smooth.

Gardenia Extract 

Blue light is one of the main culprits of bad sleep – because it disrupts melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate the body clock and improve our sleep quality. Gardenia is helpfully rich in crocin – an antioxidant which helps to protect melatonin levels by absorbing that same blue light. 

Most importantly, when crocin reaches the skin’s microflora, it’s converted to crocetin. This clever molecule triggers the same receptors in the dermis as melatonin – activating the skin’s natural reparative processes that should happen as you sleep. 

The result? Our natural circadian rhythms (the sleep-wake cycle) are less disturbed, meaning better quality sleep – and your skin can work its night shift.


Sounds kind of scary – but is in fact an all-natural organism found in pink salt lakes. Pretty, right? This potent, naturally-derived carotenoid is a powerful antioxidant which helps shield the skin from blue light and free radical damage. And it’s free radical damage that can accelerate the visible signs of aging. 

NMF Sugar Complex

Sourced from the sugar in corn, this is where the formula’s ability to intensely hydrate kicks in. Almost identical to the carbohydrate complex found in the skin’s own Natural Moisturizing Factor, it binds to keratin like a magnet – locking in moisture for visibly smoother and deeply hydrated skin.

Your rejuvenating evening regimen 

Science class over, now we get to the good bit. How to use it, when to use it, and how much to use. 

As the name suggests, Bonne Nuit is a nocturnal animal, designed to be used before bed each night. For next-level beauty sleep, we recommend using it along with the other products in the Age Confidence range – but it's most important that your skin feels its best round the clock. 

So if you’re worried about disturbing the peace, simply slot Bonne Nuit into your existing regimen alongside your skin’s favorite products. 

 Pai peptide night cream


Remove daily dirt, make-up and SPF with our nourishing, hydrating cream cleanser, Middlemist Seven


Century Flower face mist is clinically proven to strengthen the skin’s barrier function, resulting in fewer flare-ups. Spritz evenly over skin (and repeat whenever skin feels hot, dehydrated or unsettled). 

Eye Cream 

Feather Canyon was designed to care for the most delicate, thin and often most sensitive skin on the face. Leave it to the pro and apply three dots of cream – or a grain-of-rice sized amount – along the orbital bone under each eye. Use your ring finger to gently pat it in until absorbed.

Night Cream

The main event. Apply Bonne Nuit using gentle upward strokes, if possible leaving 30 minutes before going to bed. The soothing scent can help you relax while it sinks in. 

Overnight Oil

Designed for mature and dry skin, Viper’s Gloss helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and promote skin elasticity. So it is on the same mission as Bonne Nuit for your skin. Massage 2-3 drops into skin for even more nourishment.

Ready to experience next-level beauty sleep? You can shop our Bonne Nuit night cream here. And if you’ve got any questions or would like to design a regimen for your skin’s specific needs, speak to one of our experts and book a free skin consultation today. 

*Based on a clinical study on 20 subjects over four weeks 

**Independent clinical moisturization study on subjects with dry skin

***Four week independent consumer trial on 119 subjects with sensitive skin.



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Personalise Your Routine!

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Concentrated actives that are kind to skin with no compromise on performance. Blend with your Pai moisturiser or serum, oil, SPF, body decide!

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